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Right out of the package. Never worked

Brand new doesn't work. Let come on. It appears to charge the light comes on the remote control but it doesn't work

Sorry you have had problems but this was not purchased from us. If you had of done we would exchange or refund any faulty products.

You gotta try it!

This is awesome, we both loved it equally and it will become a staple favorite!

These gloves are just brilliant!!!

I saw these gloves in use at an event and had to get a pair.
You can be as naughty or as nice as you want with these. The sensation they give is just amazing.

A quality leather product that I cannot be happier with

Prosecco willies

Not fussed on taste of the willies, but customer service was first class

Large Vibrator

Really reaches all the places you would wish it too & some you may have not realised you would like reaching!

Twin Turbo Rabbit Vibrator
Katrina Paus
My perfect friend:)

Well... This type of vibrator definitely won't suit most women.
This is an old fashion electric battery driven a bit loud device that gives very strong vibes (rabbit ears).
Those women imagining oral sex or tender touches will not enjoy it. But for me these type of devices are the only giving orgarms.

Fun product

Price was good, well worth the money.
Already owned the controller, so that was no problem.
Quiet and powerful.
Very discreet.
The brushless motor design should be long lasting and durable.
Also runs a long time on three AA batteries.

A great party laugh!

Got these for a party and very popular. Good fun and the straws are wonderfully lifelike - shaped just like a lovely cock.

Great pocket size lube!

Small to fit in bag or pocket and great lube. Does what is says and tremendous value.

Perfect present for a sexy lady

Bought this for my partner and she loves it. Really well made and lovely gift box. We've bought lots from the Le Desir range and love all their products.

Sure beats a normal pillow!

A really fun pillow with lots of options. Can use in lots of positions taking pretty much full body weight and double up as just a head rest. Took about 100kg weight no problem and says can take more. Handcuffs are great. Only small grip is the strap is not a long as it might be for going around the body.

What a buzz!

This product is incredible! The cock and ball rings are just tight enough to create a rock hard rock on, and the anal plug once slid in delivers the most perfect vibrations right on the p-spot... the most amazing orgasm I've had in ages! Definitely a favourite now to put on before I go to town on the wife!

Perfect fit and really comfortable

Second time to order these as feel great and tremendous value for money. Little girthier than many so lots of condoms don't feel right but these are perfect.

Razzzles Vibrating Nipple Pads

This vibrating product unfortunately doesn't last very long (30-40 minutes) after which the batteries are flat and are not replaceable, so bear this in mind if placing an order. There was a problem with one of my batteries and Kinky Betty's was extremely helpful in sorting out the problem. They were very quick to respond and their communication is very good. I gave a 5-star rating to reflect my experience, 1 star for the product and 4 stars to Kinky Betty's.

Thank you so much the feedback. Sorry again about the product but glad we were able to resolve things x

Good Head Deep Throat To Go Oral Anesthetic Spray Cherry
Everything you could ask for

Was a nice simple process to buy, and came early. Will be ordering from them again

Top Service

Great Service and fast delivery! Thank you

Lubbie Do

Great size, and fantastic value for money.


Very well made and are great when used correctly, from a gentle touch with the needles, to harder pressure being placed for that extra edge. Would highly recommend as an additional item in the kinkster tool kit.

Should of come with clearer instructions

Yup, not the most intuitive toy, but once sussed it certainly did the trick. The end is also very bulbous and not great for use on your own. Good but used better similar clit vibrators/suckers.

Amazing value!!

I had no idea there were 5 in the packet, I’ve been searching for these for ages but I’m well stocked up now!! Delivery was super quick and I have significantly more serotonin since delivery so thanks 🤣

old school still works best for me

this has been my go-to for a few decades. now and then I try something new but always go back to this as the best. the design means it will suffer a break in the wiring after some months - the weak point is where the wires go into the plastic controller so I reinforce that area and get many more months out of each one I buy.

Thank you for the interesting feedback. Wishing you continued kinky times x

Little piggy

Great butt plug for role play or just for fun! Very easy to insert and is reasonably soft and flexible too.

No sustained suction

At first I thought the suction was very good but it only lasts about 30 seconds before it goes and they fall off. You have to keep squeezing them and putting them back on which is very frustrating! Not good at all and I don’t recommend.

Feels fantastic

Really like this as a first intro to ball stretching. Strikes the right balance of being soft enough to manipulate, and firm enough to hold things in place. Love it.

A bit small…

Hard to find trusted sites selling items of this nature but rest assured KB is genuine. The product itself is pictured as the M/L but is actually smaller in size. More akin to the opening of the “Crystal” rends attachment, so please bare that in mind that it’s pictured inaccurately. KB didn’t sell the M/L so I took a gamble on the smaller size, works ok but doesn’t have the same depth and is a tighter fit requiring excessive lubrication. Still hunting for the M/L… search continues…