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Everything you could ask for

Was a nice simple process to buy, and came early. Will be ordering from them again

Top Service

Great Service and fast delivery! Thank you

Lubbie Do

Great size, and fantastic value for money.


Very well made and are great when used correctly, from a gentle touch with the needles, to harder pressure being placed for that extra edge. Would highly recommend as an additional item in the kinkster tool kit.

Should of come with clearer instructions

Yup, not the most intuitive toy, but once sussed it certainly did the trick. The end is also very bulbous and not great for use on your own. Good but used better similar clit vibrators/suckers.

Amazing value!!

I had no idea there were 5 in the packet, I’ve been searching for these for ages but I’m well stocked up now!! Delivery was super quick and I have significantly more serotonin since delivery so thanks 🤣

old school still works best for me

this has been my go-to for a few decades. now and then I try something new but always go back to this as the best. the design means it will suffer a break in the wiring after some months - the weak point is where the wires go into the plastic controller so I reinforce that area and get many more months out of each one I buy.

Thank you for the interesting feedback. Wishing you continued kinky times x

Little piggy

Great butt plug for role play or just for fun! Very easy to insert and is reasonably soft and flexible too.

No sustained suction

At first I thought the suction was very good but it only lasts about 30 seconds before it goes and they fall off. You have to keep squeezing them and putting them back on which is very frustrating! Not good at all and I don’t recommend.

Feels fantastic

Really like this as a first intro to ball stretching. Strikes the right balance of being soft enough to manipulate, and firm enough to hold things in place. Love it.

A bit small…

Hard to find trusted sites selling items of this nature but rest assured KB is genuine. The product itself is pictured as the M/L but is actually smaller in size. More akin to the opening of the “Crystal” rends attachment, so please bare that in mind that it’s pictured inaccurately. KB didn’t sell the M/L so I took a gamble on the smaller size, works ok but doesn’t have the same depth and is a tighter fit requiring excessive lubrication. Still hunting for the M/L… search continues…

Great addition to the collection

Wonderful product as described.
Connected to one of my tens boxes mild to moderate sensations are felt, used with my2B estim box to he sensations are mild all the way to extremely wicked.
Very pleased with the purchase and it is suitable for beginners to very experienced alike

Great Cage for long time use.

This is a great cage, the build is nice, and it does have some minor flex as it's not a solid cage but it's very, Very comfortable and airy. it's easy to clean (when wearing it or not)

I would have given a 5* purely for its price and comfort, but, compared to other cages, this is a little tricky to "Pee" from due to the overhang at the front, but you will figure it out...

Brilliant Item

Bought this a week ago and found it to be a brilliant little item!

The O ring is solid with no give, but it is quite big so may not fit comfortably (or not at all) for everyone, but that might be exactly what you’re looking for…..

The leather straps seem durable and easy to close and release.

The clamps are on nicely sized chains (light but with enough weight to feel quality), and the adjustable close position is a nice touch which means you can gradually work up to tighter clamps.

Even if you don’t use the O ring as intended due to sizing, the clamps on their own are worth trying the product!

Very nice item.

Nice Product

Bought this a week ago, and it’s a satisfying product, if not quite what I expected.

It is thicker than it seems due to the leather casing, resulting in slightly more ‘thuddy’ impact than the expected ‘stingy’ of solid canes. Also, the material inside the casing is quite bendy, which makes impact strength accuracy a little harder but is something a little different which may work for others.

Overall, despite not being exactly what I was expecting it is a nice product!

High Quality

Got this restraint strap item last week and I am very impressed! It’s more expensive than others on the market but it really delivers quality-wise, there is zero give except for that given by the mattress, and the o-rings and straps seem very durable.

Very fun to use, would definitely recommend. The six restraint points make things interesting, but make sure the wrist and ankle straps you use with this (purchased separately) are as high quality to ensure durability at every point of the restraint system. I used carabiners purchased separately with some wrist and ankle straps, keeps the connection point strong and allows for quick attachment and release at all connection points!

Really 10/10

WOW Rumba

My wife loved the similar 60SX bullet, but this guy has double the power and blew her socks off. Looks great as well. She reaches orgasm very quickly and feels compelled to do it again.

Red Hot Bullet (well nice and warm)

My wife loves this bullet. She says it is more powerful than her old vibe with a great heft and it looks great.

Well made and stunning

Stunning, well made, just loved the way it looked. The ball itself is just the right size - not too small and not too big so able to have in position for a good while. Matches the collar too!!


At last a bodysuit that's well made and looks great on. It fitted perfectly with no gaping holes around the bottom area that you can get with some crotchless items. Lovely and sparkly too. Love it.

Ordered before Christmas. Never received.

I’m being asked to write a review for something that didn’t arrive. Have no tracking documentation.

Sorry to hear that you haven't received but disappointed that you didn't contact us first before leaving a one star review. We have contacted you privately to resolve but for the benefit of others....

You did not order before Christmas. You ordered in the afternoon of 27th December. The product was sent out on 28th by standard service and Royal Mail attempted delivery on 31st which is the expected timeframe especially given delays in the system following many strikes and Christmas holidays.

You were sent tracking information but seems you did not see. Also seems you lost your order information so perhaps both email are in your spam folder. We have sent details again so you can arrange redelivery. If any future problems please contact and we will do our best to resolve. We always want to provide an excellent service to customers.

Could do with setting management to select effect.

A great little gizmo. What let's it down is a lack of a setting management switch to enable one effect at a time rather than auto only.
They other thing, I bought about a sale price and Could have still got it £25 cheaper on another site. Hence only 4 stars.

To solid, no suction.

If I have tried before I bought, I wouldn't have bought them.
You can't get enough suction and they fall off after seconds.
Don't bother with them. Find something better.

First time user.

Fits perfectly, not hard to put on. Partner struggled though, maybe a little too much girth. I’d say it’s not ideal for smaller guys though. Definitely a good sleeve though. Just hope they did a selection of natural colours.

Packs quite a punch!

The power in this thing is incredible! It only has one setting, but as I'm not a fan of vibes with "patterns" that's fine by me.

Due to its intense power, it's noisier than my previous bullet. However, that's something I can live with!