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Art work

The Icicles 29 is beautifully made & looks like a piece of modern art! It’s gorgeous to look at & hold. I bought it for my wife & she absolutely loves it. For the money it would have been nice if it came with a protective pouch to keep it in.

Glad you like it and agreed it is beautiful. Fair point on the pouch - actually some of the cheaper other glass dildos do come with pouches. We will pass on to the manufacturer. Thank you.

Very sexy

Firstly the packaging is superb, wrapped in tissue paper lovely presented in a box. Fit wise, very comfortable and extremely flattering, certainly done the trick when Mr B saw it.


I literally have no words 😂 let's just say at one point I had to throw it across the room ( it survived so it's robust ) this little toy packs a punch .. the orgasms I got from this were out of this world . I've told my partner it's going to take some getting used to as it's a very very intense 😜😜 toy. Not for the faint hearted, but 100% worth it. 10/10

So hot!

Great quality and super sexy. My husband loves it.

A great pair of panties, very sexy and well made with plenty of stretch and a fun hidden surprise! I bought for a lady friend and found the medium fit a UK size12 very well.


Iv struggled to find a CR that fits !
This is perfect
Loads of options
Easy to wear - wash - get on and off
Job done !

Great for sensory play

Tried a friend’s gloves she bought from here and loved them so had to buy my own.
However, mine felt different to hers! The ones I received were a lot more ‘scratchy’ than hers had been. But very very enjoyable nonetheless. Have enjoyed using them on my partner and enjoyed him using them on me too!
Takes a bit of experimenting to get the pressure right and the sensation differs a lot depending on the area of the body they’re being used on. But I know I’m definitely going to be having a lot of fun with them!

RENDS R1 Starter Set
Terence Hayden

No problems with my order
Prompt and reliable. Well done thank you

Fun, easy and well made

I bought these for t. f. m. v and myself for a couple of reasons.

1, I do like to restrain t. m. f. v from time to time and these are a type of restraint we can actually both share and instantly change whilst we are playing and...

2, neither of us is as supple as we used to be and a little support in certain positions is very welcome from time to time.

They came out of the box, I put them around t. m. f. v's ankles, pulled her into a sitting position and adjusted the very generous length of the straps around her shoulders, lay her back down and her legs were high in the air, her pussy was at my mercy and...... Well you will just have to use your imagination.

As with all Sportsheets things so far, I like the quality, they are easy to use, robust, comfortable to wear and they are only limited by your imagination. If you are just beginning or want to try a different kind of restraint these are great, if you have any issues with hips or thighs they may help and if you don't they still place your partner in a slightly different and more comfortable position. We will definitely be happy to use them again.

Happy playtime V


After a little research I decided to buy one of these for my good (and sometimes naughty) lady. We already have a wonderful selection of toys and gizmo's that we enjoy playing with together and I was looking for something new and a little different so decided to suprise her with this and I am very glad I did.

I bilndfolded her, let her hold it in her hand, switched it on and within seconds she was gasping, moaning and gripping the sheets, it was brilliant.

It fit comfortably in my hand, was easy to use and easy to put in specific areas allowing me to concentrate on the places I know she loves to be touched and teased.

It is very different to anything else we have and asking her later to describe how it felt she could only say "Absoloutly Amazing" and we still have 7 other setting to explore.

I can see this becoming a very well used and loved addition to our collection and am already planning on how to include it in some of our more kinky activities.

I can highly reccomend it.

No smell

Sometimes you want a lube with no after taste or smell, this one is brilliant.

Saved the day

When you have a squirter at play this keeps the water at bay.. Great product.

Joking aside this is a really good quality large sheet. Pretty thick and sturdy and good size. Not like some of the cheap one's I've seen.


great smell. provides great and sensual lubrication for body to body massage. was an evening to remember for sure. will buy again!!!

fantastic beginner restraints

collar and cuffs are really comfortable yet providing sufficient restraint. my sub was attached with hands behind her back and I used the back of the restrained lined to pull her towards me. she is quite petite and was lifted without any issues. orgasmic!
the one little issue is the waiste belt could be more confortable. the nylon material does cut a bit in the skin and creates friction. but she enjoyed it.

great addition to the collection

great addition to my collection. comfortable and solid built. bit big for the petite ankles but worked a treat. confortable whilst restraining confidently


Wife loved it.

Keep it clean

Good cleaner, a good few squirt and everything is fresh and ready to use again.

Not much else to say, I personally use this for a fleshlight too, which after use can be a little messy, but really goes to work and gets everything off it. Would recommend and use again. A little goes a long way

Great price, great product

Great for use with fleshlight stamina unit.
Leave in hot water for a few minutes before use for extra warm feeling.

Large bottle at great value

A little runny but good coverage

This is runnier than the Love Honey Discover Anal lube, and doesn't stay as well as a blob on the tip, but on the flip side it spreads and covers the area better without forming streaks. Overall, it does a decent job.

Beautiful and fantastic quality!

Had our doubts as seen lots of cheap ones but really pleased with this collar. Much better made than we thought it would be - genuinely premium leather as per the description. Really has a feel of quality and looks stunning. It is quite stiff but will soften over time and lots of padding inside the collar. It is also thicker than many of the cheap collars covering more of the neck. We look forward to using it many times and showing it off to others :)

Saddle Leather With Barbed Wire Flogger 30 Inches Black
...Its so pretty 😍

Fell in love with the flogger's concept before I even purchased, and I have no regrets, its such a handsome piece of leather work. You can feel the quality of the materials used as you hold it in your hands, well worth the money if your in the market for a leather flogger with a little twist, great weight to the piece so not too much effort is need to make an impact and the barbs will leave many mementos in the form of scratches that will remind your vic...partner just who is in charge.

5 Stars for both the Concept and Construction, and can't wait to try this out. Assuming it doesn't scare people away of course 🤣

Paddle With Spikes
Whacky and Scratchy

The paddle its not as rigid or as thick, as to what I am used to so it'll be a learning curve when it comes to using this at Penthouse. But the paddle itself well made, with spikes in sets of three across one side, and a smooth side so depending on if your feeling nice or not there's options to use either side, the spikes themselves aren't too long so there's little risk of puncture damage when used on thick areas of skin, and due to the firmness it will still have a lovely slap to when it finds its mark and the spikes will only add to that sensation.

In short, lovely paddle for the price and worth trying out if your looking for something different to your toy collection.

Seriously, wow!

I was very skeptical about the price and the use of this pocket pussy. But it is amazing. My hand is now officially out of work. The sensation is especially vivid. Its as close to the real thing as I've encountered.
I warm mine up a bit in warm water in the sink first, then after 5 or ten mins, take out, dry as best I can, then lube up, put the cap back on, give a good shake, and then pump away.
It's almost addictive.
Would highly recommend for the frequent wanker. This is worth every penny.
Definetly requires lube, and might not be easy to use in a busy household or a place where you may not have 100% privacy. Was larger than I expected, but fits in a draw.

Thank you for the review and glad you love it. Fleshlights and other masturbators are amazing. Welcome to the darkside :) xx

I felt fabulous!!

This was a great buy, it made me feel a million dollars, no sagging or bagging.. and took some punishment if you get my drift. Love it will buy another one x


I bought my fiancé one of these little egg-fuls of joy for Christmas. We finally got round to trying it out and... wow! He was over the moon with it - he said it was so intense that he (unusually for him!) had no words to describe it. Apart from the "oooohhhh f*ck....." uttered during the experience!
In fact, he's requested more of these fo Easter, instead of the more traditional chocolate ones! Definitely 5 stars from this happy customer xx

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