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Rouge Garments Vampire Gloves

Rouge Garments

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A pair of leather gloves with tiny metal spikes on the palms and fingers to make for punishing play with your partner.  These gloves are really amazing and well made. The spikes can be used for gentle teasing play rubbing along the skin - very sensual. Or can go all out spanking or scratching.  Vampire gloves are also know as spikey gloves but they tend to be gloves with claws. We prefer these with a large number of small spikes. 

Colour: Black
For Who: Both
Material: Leather
Brand: Rouge Garments

Customer Reviews

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Stephen Cole
These gloves are just brilliant!!!

I saw these gloves in use at an event and had to get a pair.
You can be as naughty or as nice as you want with these. The sensation they give is just amazing.

A quality leather product that I cannot be happier with


Very well made and are great when used correctly, from a gentle touch with the needles, to harder pressure being placed for that extra edge. Would highly recommend as an additional item in the kinkster tool kit.


Well… I can only review these on my partners behalf, she found them and liked the idea, so I did some searching… not only are these the cheapest available online, the quality is incredible. Now, the good stuff…. Only used these lightly so far but my god they had her moving and moaning like crazy, perfect for foreplay, great fun to play with how hard your touch is, you can go quite heavy without piercing skin, now the better stuff…. Slapping that booty! Wow! We’ve always been a fan of some hand smacking but this took it to a whole new level! Again, so much fun to play with just how hard you can go! 10/10

Great for sensory play

Tried a friend’s gloves she bought from here and loved them so had to buy my own.
However, mine felt different to hers! The ones I received were a lot more ‘scratchy’ than hers had been. But very very enjoyable nonetheless. Have enjoyed using them on my partner and enjoyed him using them on me too!
Takes a bit of experimenting to get the pressure right and the sensation differs a lot depending on the area of the body they’re being used on. But I know I’m definitely going to be having a lot of fun with them!

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Great Quality, just be careful with them...

“I have used Vampire Gloves before but as they require a sole partner to be used on due to keep leather 100% contamination free is near impossible, I brought a pair of XL gloves to be used solely on myself and though they feel a bit tight they still fit wonderfully, and if they can fit me they’ll fit the intended a lot easier so there’s no knocking the gloves on that fact.

Where most leather gloves for this price feel cheap and I can hear them stretching as I slip them on, I didn’t get that with these, they went on easily and the stitching held together well, I do recommend to avoid scratching the leather too badly not to put both on the same time without assistance because taking them off when your fingers have sharp pins on them can be problematic for getting grip and you may damage the leather or worse, look like a idiot pulling the gloves off with your teeth (we have all being there don’t deny it.)

I recommend these gloves for their quality to any couple looking to spice up a spanking session, but feel impact toys like crops, paddles and floggers may remove some of the intimacy from the play that can only be achieved by touching your partner. Due to the nature of these gloves, it is highly recommended as well by those in the Kink community that Vampire Gloves should NEVER be used between multiple partners, to prevent the risk of blood transmission between people, it is also recommended that you do not use these unless you are sure and trust your partner, as if you move in the wrong way due to fear, whilst they are used you could rip flesh.

Other then that great gloves, and super please with the quality.”