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We don't just want this place to be about selling sex toys and adults goods.  We want you to join in and be part of a growing community.  Amusing participation is particularly welcome - we all need a laugh! We hope to add more features over time including a chat forum or even maybe live chat. Any suggestions please contact us but for now...



Please comment away and share your own thoughts and experiences. We'd love to hear from as many people as possible. 


Please review our products and share your thoughts with others, good and perhaps bad - we know not every product is perfect. Also, even if you have bought via another site please feel free to review here. Others sites? Really do they exist? I've heard or one that is something to do with loving your honey but thought might be to do with food. Vouchers for any particular thoughtful or funny reviews.

Content writing 

Good at writing and something to share? Please contact us. We would love to have blog content from others, whether experienced bloggers or newbies who want to share their thoughts - of course sex toy related is great but anything to do with sex, swinging, fetish etc. Please get in touch and we can discuss - generous product discounts, gift cards and maybe even hard cash for really good content...kerching.  

If you would like us to write for your site please let us know. We can contribute on a variety of sex-related topics including real life swinging and bondage/BDSM, shibari, etc. 

Social media 

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram via the link on the menu. Please follow and share if anything strikes a chord. 

Photos and memes

Any pics of yourself that you are particular proud of? We can include in our gallery and perhaps use in blogs or to showcase products or collection. Perhaps you fancy yourself as a comedian? Funny pictures or meme ideas most welcome :) 

Affiliates and influencers

If you would like to become an affiliate and promote via your website, social media page, etc please get in touch via our contact page or click the affiliate link. Commissions available and we can provide links, codes and automatic payment options.