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Rouge Garments Three Flap Paddle Black

Rouge Garments

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Three flapping leather paddles with rivets on the handle. 15 Inches Total Length

Length: 15 Inches
Washing: Wipe down
Colour: Black
Flexibility: Very
For Who: Both
Material: Leather
Brand: Rouge Garments
Size: 15 Inches

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From a first glance to a newbies eyes you might look at this toy and think, its three slim strips of black leather riveted together, and yes you'd be right. But here's a little science for you; the skinnier the object the more pressure it causes on a surface, it causes the brain to focus on a smaller clump of nerves making you more aware of what's happened.

When the longest flap strikes the other two come down behind it adding an extra oomph to the slap, the toy is light in the hand meaning it takes less effort in each swing to make it effective, the paddle has a wrist strap attached which you should use to save the toy flying off when in the zone (like an old Wii Remote), the leather is great quality and well crafted and easy to wipe down between sessions.

Recommended for those who are wanting to explore impact play or those like myself who are more experienced are looking for something to add to their bag of toys,