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Rimba Leather Cane Whip 62cm


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Perfect for keeping your submissive in check. Beautiful black leather cane 62cm long to give lashings of pleasure.

Length: 62cm
Washing: Wipe down
Colour: Black
Flexibility: Rigid
For Who: Both
Material: Leather
Brand: Rimba

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Thuddy, Stingy and a whole lot of fun 😈

Brought this charming cane to replace one of a different design and manufacturer, which I broke during use at the KTX event at Penthouse Playrooms. This cane has a stiff though bendy a little core covered in leather, lightweight but has a nice whack and leaves an after sting after contacting against the skin...

I highly recommend this cane to anyone looking for sturdy cane, that will remind your partner whose in charge 😘😈