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Rimba Leather Cane Whip 62cm


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Perfect for keeping your submissive in check. Beautiful black leather cane 62cm long to give lashings of pleasure.

Length: 62cm
Washing: Wipe down
Colour: Black
Flexibility: Rigid
For Who: Both
Material: Leather
Brand: Rimba

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nice Product

Bought this a week ago, and it’s a satisfying product, if not quite what I expected.

It is thicker than it seems due to the leather casing, resulting in slightly more ‘thuddy’ impact than the expected ‘stingy’ of solid canes. Also, the material inside the casing is quite bendy, which makes impact strength accuracy a little harder but is something a little different which may work for others.

Overall, despite not being exactly what I was expecting it is a nice product!

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Thuddy, Stingy and a whole lot of fun 😈

Brought this charming cane to replace one of a different design and manufacturer, which I broke during use at the KTX event at Penthouse Playrooms. This cane has a stiff though bendy a little core covered in leather, lightweight but has a nice whack and leaves an after sting after contacting against the skin...

I highly recommend this cane to anyone looking for sturdy cane, that will remind your partner whose in charge 😘😈