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Nipple Sticks (Clamps)


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Something different for fans of nipple clamps - clamps in stick form so imagine squeezing your nipples between two metal chopsticks! Also known as Thai pain sticks - can't think why. 

Betty has tried them and loved them - have a read here

Nipples slot between the two bars and then by moving the rubber adjusters up towards the nipples the tension can be increased.  Lots of fun and a bit evil depending on how far you push! A bit like various screw nipple clamps but with nipple sticks it easier to move the tension up and down quickly. 

Made from stainless steel so look and feel beautiful and ends are finished with tipped ends to be safe. The set contains two, stainless steel nipple sticks, one for each side naturally.  

Length: approx 8 Inches
Colour: Silver
Flexibility: Slight
For Who: Both
Material: Metal
Brand: Rimba
Size: approx 8 Inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Debby OrgasmicWays
Amazing nipple clamps 😈

We bought a box of toys: cheap and hassle free. Yesterday, we tried the Nipple Sticks! Wow, definitely the most intense nipple clamps I have worn sofar! Easy to use and so much fun to play with. 10/10!

Different 😊

Well these bad boys certainly pack a punch, ellegent in design, but absolutely lethal when the slider part is adjusted. Absolutely love this.